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total-br00tal asked:

So , I really dont know how or where you want peoples opinions on "Our endless war" but yeah , anyways , I personally didnt really love the album until "diggs road" I dont mean to sound like that guy but honestly it struck a cord with me I cant explain it the rest of the album was alright in my opinion , Phil as a vocalist and frontman has done great but I dont know why they have three guitarists. I would give it a solid 6.5/10 would kinda bang.

tania-xx asked:

¡My favourite deathcore band is "All Shall Perish"! Do you know any similar band? *o*

Heeyy, I have forgot about this blog, hehe… HI!! hmm, I don’t know really, they are very special! I would guess maybe Betraying the Martyrs :o

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